May 10th: The Vampire Diaries: "Promised Land" – Recap/Review

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“You don’t have to be strong to survive a bad situation. You simply need a plan.” – Shannon L. Alder

In this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Marcos unleashes on Mystic Falls his brutal spell to break the witches curse. Damon sets a trap for Marcos; Bonnie and Enzo race against time to try to stop the demise of the Other Side; Stefan gives relationship advice to Elena; Caroline’s rescue from Tyler ends in a unforeseen tragedy.

As the episode opens at the Salvatore house, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) sprays water on a gagged and bound guy to wake him up. Damon checks a paper in the man’s pocket and sees he is formerly a Mr. Sykes of corporate accounting, now with a Passenger in his body. The man grunts repeatedly through the gag and Damon politely tells him he doesn’t want to hear the migraine inducing Traveler chanting. Damon says his girlfriend (not ex?) and brother have gone poof into thin air and besides a clueless hybrid in his basement, and a cave full of sleeping Travelers, he needs Sykes to tell him where he can find his leader, Marcos. He’s interrupted as Caroline (Candice Accola) walks through the front door complaining that she can’t reach Liv and Luke and stops in her tracks. She tells a surprised Damon she recognizes Sykes. He was the guy who helped her open her first bank account and gave her a lollipop (Seriously? How old is this guy?). Damon informs Caroline that he saw Sykes in the town square with the other possessed towns people the previous week. Damon tells Sykes he knows all about Marcos’ plan to break the ancient witch curse, and it would suck because it would kill off him and his “sexy blond frenemy” (Ohhh, Damon, such a backhanded compliment). Caroline demands that Sykes tell them where Elena and Stefan are as Damon plants a knife in Syke’s leg. Damon removes the gag off the screaming Sykes who says it doesn’t matter where Marcos is, because Damon can do nothing to stop the spell.
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Apr 24th: Bystander Revolution: Nina Dobrev | Effects of Bullying

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What kind of ripple effects does bullying have? How far does the negative energy reach? Thoughts and solutions from actress Nina Dobrev.

Find out how a passing stranger transformed a really bad day at school for Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev.

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